illi @ Kuala Lumpur

illi (pronounced as yi-li), is Latin word for herein, there, therein.

The name itself is a direct illustration that you can be both at home and away here. 

illi is a also palindrome, a word that is the same back words and forwards. Similar to the development, it looks similar from one tower to the other. It’s the same, but different. When you take a look inside each unit, the differences are obvious as one is aimed at investors/ short stays while the other tower is for long term residence.


illi is an urban residence in the sought-after address of Kuala Lumpur, that meets your city lifestyle and capital appreciation; the best of both worlds.

Located in one of the most vibrant commercial districts of Cheras, you are spoilt for choice from IKEA, MyTown to Sunway Velocity Mall offering convenience, entertainment and leisure. With easy connectivity from major highways and railways, travelling between cities is going to be a breeze.

illi features 2 distinctive towers with personalised facilities and amenities for each tower, that caters to your future needs.